Wood made by robots

Our technology converts low value plantation logs into new hardwoods with the look, feel and properties of 100-year old trees in one day.


Advanced Robotics and Smart Automation allow for efficient and fast manufacturing using local wood residues anywhere on earth. So our global technology platform can provide local solutions to local markets (“mass customisation”).


Traditional Timber

100 Years

3RT Wood

1 Day


We take abundantly available juvenile plantation resources, representing 45% of all wood logged globally and comprising many different wood species.

Because of their inferior juvenile properties, they are traditionally converted into low-value wood chips.

We convert these low value pulp logs into beautiful timber. With the look, feel and properties of 100 year old trees. Creating significant value-add.


Our technology converts juvenile wood into products with properties that exceed mature trees.

This allows to build more cost-effective, lightweight solutions with more compact designs.

At the heart of our technology is a patented process using a water-based formaldehyde-free “Nano glue” that biomimics the structure of a native tree in just hours.

To achieve nature’s precision, this process is managed by robots and the power of artificial intelligence.

In plug-and-play, scalable digital production units.


Weighing over 300kg, the 3RT timber blocks feature our unique folding pattern that results in the look and properties of natural trees.

The square shape reduces the need for ‘slab cutting’ and improves the yield of the timber blocks, offering a dimensionally consistent and stable timber.

3RT Innovation Centre


At our 3,000sqm Innovation Centre in Adelaide, engineers and scientists work with customers to develop new products using species from around the world. The aim is to meet hardwood needs globally, in a sustainable and cost-effective manner…. whilst protecting our native forests.

The Center is focused on continuous improvement both in the fields of new material properties and new methods of production, in long term partnerships with global technology leaders such as Flinders University, Henkel and Bosch.