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We help our customers respond to the increasing demand for sustainable wood products, with the potential to replace aluminum, steel and concrete in both the furnishing and construction industries, through a technology that is easily scalable and with attractive economics.

Our value proposition


We differentiate ourselves with a value proposition based on two pillars:


  • Protection of native forests
  • No risk or illegal logging
  • Circular economy; locally produced, non-toxic, recyclable products
  • Structural ratings to replace aluminium and steel


Economic value-add

  • Appearance grade hardwood at market competitive pricing
  • Security of supply (solve critical global wood supply issues)
  • Circular economy; locally produced, non-toxic, recyclable products
  • Contribution to a carbon neutral environment and achieve ESG reporting standards

3RT Board

Peter Torreele

Managing Director

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Prof David Lewis

Non-Executive Director

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Ian Sinclair

Company Secretary

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3RT Advisory Board


Daniel Rudolph

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Craig Holland

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Grant Kupko

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Rudy de Hainaut

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Danny Stutterd

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