All of the benefits of native hardwood. None of the harm

We are focused on “doing the right thing” and safeguarding our forests in the process. Innovation is at the core of what we do, guided by sustainable development principles.


3RT stands for the 3 “R”s of sustainability:
Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

100% Natural

Completely natural and harmless, the raw wood veneer fibre is FSC® or PEFC™ certified

100% Recyclable

At the end of it’s life, the 3RT timber can be recycled in a variety of ways leaving nothing harmful behind

Zero harmful chemicals

Our Nanoglue bonding agent is water based and does not require solvents.


We take abundantly available juvenile plantations resources (pulp logs), originally used for low value woodchips and repurpose them to create high value timber.

In doing so we fulfil the demand for low carbon, toxin-free building materials, reduce native forest depletion and help to secure the reliability of global supply chains.

A perfect fit with global sustainability legislation.

Government policy


Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, whilst maintaining a competitive industry.

The 3RT Solution


We provide a solution to create sustainable wood with the potential to replace aluminum, steel and concrete in both the furnishing and construction industries, through a technology that is easily scalable, with attractive economics.

Government policy


Ensure growth decoupled from from resource use, with economic value recovery of waste.

The 3RT Solution


We create significant value-add by converting a very large low value wood stream into premium wood products.

Government policy


Protect and conserve our natural capital, and protect citizens from environmental-related risks.

The 3RT Solution


Our digital production units create products with the properties of mature trees, thereby eliminating the need for forest logging, whilst our process does not use any toxic ingredients.


By choosing innovation over tradition, we can help protect our forests by eliminating illegal logging, protect the environment via waste recovery and the production of non-toxic, recyclable materials and reduce our carbon footprint by producing locally.