All the benefits of tropical hardwood.

None of the harm.

Societal impact of our technology

People – Profit – Planet

3RT has created this technology to reduce the impact of traditional sawmilling on our planet.

By choosing innovation over tradition, we can help protect our forests by eliminating illegal logging, protect the environment via waste recovery and the production of non-toxic, recyclable materials and reduce our carbon footprint by producing locally.

3RT - A Fully Automated Process - Wood Made By Robots


  • Access to high quality hardwood products at affordable pricing with the knowledge that they have been sustainably sourced and produced

Retailers & Manufacturers

  • Replace imported hardwood with locally produced products and just-in-time supply
  • Create “Bespoke” product with marketing advantages

The Environment

  • Reduced pressure on native forests
  • Lower timber wastage, efficient use of wood residue
  • Non-toxic, fully recyclable product


  • Protect native forests (eliminate illegal logging)
  • Improve productivity of forestry assets (waste recovery)
  • Promote domestic manufacturing to replace imports