Would you like to produce your own distinctive wood?

Would you like it to be sustainable and bespoke?


By licensing our technology, you can manufacture locally your own hardwood in a
compact plug-and-play production unit.

Leverage your local forest or plantation residues to produce high quality and sustainable woods and compete with imported products. You will reduce the carbon footprint of the global wood industry and provide just-in-time deliveries to your customers (source local – produce local – sell local).

We will provide you with all the building blocks to be up and running within 12 months. From prototyping your future products in our Innovation Center to building and installing your customised “plug-and-play” production unit, to training and joint market development efforts.

So we will take care of the technology, production process and product development, whilst you can concentrate on your markets to succeed locally.

The Digital Production Units create significant value-add at a low investment cost and deliver an attractive Return-On-Investment. And you can either buy or lease the production units, in combination with a licensing fee.

Become part of our global network

3RT - Become part of our global network

3RT has a global reach. Our production units are specifically designed to be operational anywhere on earth:

– They can convert wood residue from any wood specie, be it a hardwood or a softwood.
– They are plug-and-play installed and maintained by our global partner Bosch.
– They have a compact footprint of 650 sqm.
– They are fully automated (wood made by robots) and only require a handful of supporting staff.
– They are remotely connected to our Innovation Center, for recipe development, fast trouble shooting, maintenance and upgrades.

Think different

With 3RT, you do not just buy a machine. You become part of our ecosystem and get access to new competitive advantages:


Get your new products into the market fast.

3RT’s Innovation Center in Adelaide is purpose-build for customized R&D. A multi-staged process is in place to ensure fast and efficient product development in a matter of months. In between each stage, results are shared with the customer and marketing samples are provided to obtain critical market feedback that guides the next steps in the process.


Peace of mind in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery.

The Digital Production Units are remotely connected to our Innovation Center in Adelaide. At the center, your local production process is constantly monitored and benchmarked against agreed process parameters and standards, with remote intervention when required. In-depth data analytics provide additional feedback on performance and paths to further optimisation. As a result, the production units provide a reliable output of high-quality wood as per agreed specifications.


Stay at the forefront of the latest innovations in materials science and automation.

At our Innovation Center, new materials are constantly being developed by using different wood species or other species such as Palm Oil Trunk or Bamboo. It also includes bringing nanotechnology into the products, thereby creating additional properties such as termite resistance or fire retardant. In addition, we constantly apply the latest Industry 4.0 developments in a pragmatic way through software updates, thereby ensuring each Digital Production Unit remains state-of-the-art.


Together, we are working to remain competitive in a fast-changing world, based on the 4 pillars of

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Lowest production cost
  • Customer focus

You will be in good company…

3RT - Eco Systems Map