3RT Technology – Sustainable Wood for the 21st Century


Our technology converts forest and plantation residues into new hardwoods with the look, feel and properties of 100- year old native trees.

Advanced Robotics and Smart Automation allow for efficient and fast manufacturing using local wood residues anywhere on earth. So our global technology platform can provide local solutions to local markets (“mass customisation”).


Simply not enough natural hardwood available.

Due to:

  • legislation to protect native forests
  • outdated sawmilling technology (conversion log to sawn hardwood = 32% only)
  • very slow natural growing process (it takes up to 100 years to grow hardwood trees)



3RT - Native Forestry Infograph


A digital production unit that converts forest & plantation residue into mature hardwood in one day.



3RT - The Designer Hardwood Process Infograph

Our Technology : 100 years in 1 day

3RT - Traditional-Timber-vs Designer Hardwood
3RT Technologies

As a tree grows, it becomes stronger & denser. The tree produces a natural resin that “cures” the wood fibres using atmospheric pressure, temperature and time. The older the tree, the better the wood quality.

At the heart of our technology is a patented process using a water-based, formaldehyde-free “Nano-glue” that biomimics the structure of a natural tree in just 1 day.

Different timbers, with the same performance properties as their ancient ancestors can be made in just a single day using wood residues.

A fully automated process – Wood made by robots

3RT - A Fully Automated Process - Wood Made By Robots

The production unit is fully automated with no manual intervention required.

It consists of a number of integrated modules, working seamlessly together in one continuous process. 

Two robots manage the entire production process, monitored from a centralized HMI console.

We can even turn softwoods into hardwood

3RT - Turn Softwoods into Hardwoods
One specie – multiple product possibilities

By manipulating the process parameters, we can achieve a broad range of unique properties independently from the original wood specie.

Imagine the possibilities with the ability to convert softwoods, such as Pine, into products that can even match the properties of Tropical Hardwood.

At the forefront of innovation

3RT - Innovation Centre

At our 3,000sqm Innovation Centre in Adelaide, engineers and scientists work with customers to develop new products using species from around world. The aim is to meet hardwood needs globally, in a sustainable and cost-effective manner…. whilst protecting our native forests.

We apply the latest in Nanotechnology and Materials Science through our long-term partnership with Flinders University. Our revolutionary process combines countless textures and properties to create the perfect wood for your needs. It also includes bringing nanotechnology into the products, thereby creating additional properties such as termite resistance or fire retardant. And it’s all 100% natural. Nothing harmful inside.

Artificial Intelligence in Wood

The Digital Production Units convert wood residue into mature hardwood in a fully automated digital production unit, with Advanced Robotics & Industry 4.0 smarts creating a fast, efficient and cost-effective process. The process is similar to 3D-printing of wood, creating wood products in hours for which nature requires 100+ years of natural growing.

We also strongly believe in automation as a means to ensure the highest quality conformity at the lowest production cost, whilst eliminating operator errors. We constantly apply the latest Industry 4.0 developments in a pragmatic way through software updates, thereby ensuring each production unit remains state-of-the-art.

Our global partnership with Bosch ensures we remain at the forefront of Advanced Automation and IoT developments.  Bosch also manufactures, installs and maintains the digital production units around the world.

3RT Hardwood from around the world

We have produced hardwood products with species from around the world. Below are just a few examples.


3RT - Designer Hardwood from Around the World

3RT Blackbutt (Australia)  

Density (kg/m³) 965

Hardness (Janka kN) 8.0

Modulus of Elasticity MOE (Mpa) 20,680

Modulus of Rupture MOR (Mpa) 97

3RT Hoop Pine (Australia)  

Density (kg/m³) 600

Hardness (Janka kN) 3.7

Modulus of Elasticity MOE (Mpa) 11,900

Modulus of Rupture MOR (Mpa) 108

3RT Spotted Gum (Australia)  

Density (kg/m³) 1,025

Hardness (Janka kN) 8.3

Modulus of Elasticity MOE (Mpa) 14,900

Modulus of Rupture MOR (Mpa) 141

3RT White Gum (Brazil)  

Density  (kg/m³)  800

Hardness (Janka kN)  5.1

Modulus of Elasticity MOE  (Mpa) 16,700

Modulus of Rupture MOR (Mpa) 85

3RT Tasmanian Oak (Australia)  

Density  (kg/m³)  765

Hardness (Janka kN)  4.5

Modulus of Elasticity MOE  (Mpa) 16,030

Modulus of Rupture MOR (Mpa) 65

3RT Maple (North America) 

Density  (kg/m³) 811

Hardness (Janka kN)  8.0

Modulus of Elasticity MOE (Mpa) 11,200

Modulus of Rupture MOR (Mpa) 124